Designing durable

web platforms & infrastructure



Bracebit loves seeing well throught-out systems come to life and rethinks solutions until they've become as simple as possible. But no simpler.


Customers should be activily involved during development. Quick iterations, prototyping and tests make sure there are no surprises.


With years of experience in DevOps, Bracebit is a company that knows how to integrate software in real world production systems.


Bracebit favors convention over configuration. Standardizing technology is great way to ensure the continuity of a product.


Bracebit actively keeps tabs on the latest technology to evaluate what makes sense for your business. And what not.


When crafting your solution, Bracebit keeps in mind that your business may become a bigger success than you had planned for.

Open Source

Bracebit stands on the shoulders of giants. Relying on open source and APIs allows focus on what really separates you from the rest.

Building a web that never breaks

After designing durable web infra and code at a hosting company for over 8 years, having launched a successful cloud-based media encoding startup written many open source libraries and technical articles, Kevin van Zonneveld decided late 2012 it was time to found Bracebit.

Bracebit is the commercial vehicle that lets Kevin apply himself in different environments, while giving more companies the opportunity to profit from the unique mix of development & infra expertise that Kevin has gathered over the years.

If you're designing new infra, are having problems with your linux clouds, or want to investigate deploying your infrastructure as code, it might be worth it to pick Kevin's brain. Just drop a line or reach out on Skype : )